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LED Indoor & Outdoor Snowing Icicle Chaser Lights with White Cable (2000) - Warm White

SKU 95231

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Your holiday decorating will be made so much easier this year by our icicle lights. Make your home look and feel like a winter wonderland with these wonderful icicle Christmas lights.

These Indoor/Outdoor Snowing Icicle Fairy Lights are not just great for Christmas decorations but perfect for use as a lighting addition to any decorative indoor or outdoor project such as - camping lights, fencing lights, Halloween lights and decorating the outside of your home.

They can be hung indoors in a window or around a room for example, or used outside on a hedge or most traditionally, along the roof or window line of your house. Fitted already to the set is an 8 mode sequence control unit so you can choose your favourite pattern. The use of LED's mean that bulbs do not need to be replaced and they also use less energy than traditional bulbs and give a brighter light too

Item specifics:

  • 2000 Warm White LED Light Chaser
  • 10m from first adapter to first bulb
  • 12cm drop spacing
  • 8cm bulb spacing
  • 39.96m from first drop to last drop
  • Drop sequence: 3/6/9/6
  • White cable
  • 2000 lights in total

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
didn't last long

bought 2 sets. you can see the price of them so do the maths. Set 1 - power supply went pop after a year. Set 2 - only 50% of LEDS working after a year and then power supply went pop after 2 years. So we got about 1 and half years use out of these.

Glenn Hogg
Lasted 1 month

Bought these through the eBay shop. After the first year we lost about 50% of the lights, this year we have less than 30% still working. I paid more for these than other cheaper sites thinking they’d be better quality. Afraid not. 30day returns / refunds policy was the answer to my query looking for a partial refund.